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Visir Uplandia 

All the Visir Uplandia environments launched

Visir Uplandia is available on the App Store.
 Using the app as a virtual window, you can explore six different locations in the county of Uppland. Wander through realistic environments by physically moving in reality, or play offsite by choosing the offsite-mode. Engage with people of the past, historical and fictional, in a believable setting.

+ History learning in a most innovative and immersive form
+ Realistic 3D graphics and highly detailed environments
+ Characters based on real historical persons who tell stories from a personal perspective
+ Architecture and culture of the past as reconstructed by historical experts
+ Intuitive controls and easy-to-use interface


Kvarnbo hall

The Iron Age hall at Kvarnbo, Åland

This is a reconstruction based on LiDAR data for topography and the actual archaeological investigations that have been carried out in the locations. The scene specifically shows a small village about 350 meters north of the large hall, which can be seen in the distance.

For more information about the ongoing research project carried out by Dr Kristin Ilves, visit

Augmented History Gamla Uppsala

Gamla Uppsala

Augmented History beta version

In August 2016 the Gamlis AR app was launched, which makes it possible to experience 7th century Old Uppsala. The app is included in the Augmented History concept, where 3D-reconstructed cultural environments are visualized using mobile devices GPS and gyro. The positioning means that the user can explore the environments at her own preference. The experience is enhanced by audio, text, interaction and animated characters.


Kvarnbo Hall 3D turntable

In a collaboration with Dr Kristin Ilves and Ömsen insurance we created this hypothetical model of the hall at Kvarnbo, Åland. The design is derived from Dr Ilves' research and excavation project. At the time of the reconstruction there had only been one limited excavation of the location of the hall building, in the summer of 2014. The reconstruction is thus based on the dimensions of the structure, as seen from aerial photos, and comparisons to other, more well examined buildings from the Scandinavian area.

More information about the on-going research project carried out by Dr Kristin Ilves at:

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