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The Team

Yunyun Yang is an ArcGIS-specialist and a researcher in archaeology, focusing on Bronze Age in Central Asia and southern Siberia. In 2019 Yunyun achieved her second MA at Uppsala University. During her studies in she worked at different Swedish museums (The University Museum Gustavianum, Old Uppsala Museum and the East Asian Museum). She was also engaged in a Chinese coin project at the Uppsala University Coin Cabinet (2019). Yunyun masters ArcGIS, Photoshop, Illustrator, Agisoft PhotoScan and Sketchup and is excellent support in Disirs’ different GIS-projects.


Gabrielle Adams is a genuinely skilled 3D-graphic Artist and Specialist at interiors and objects. Gabrielle has been in the industry since 2008. She participated in several AAA productions at different studios, like Turn 10 Studios (Forza 3), Bethesda (Skyrim och Fallout 4), and Warhorse studios (Kingdom Come Deliverance). Gabrielle is based in Seattle. Her engagement in Disir's works began in July 2018. Visit Gabrielle's portfolio on Artstation:


Daniel Westergren is the Art Director and Creative Director at Disir. Being a truly skilled 3D generalist and specialist in historical authenticity, he also masters animation and film. With more than 20 yrs of development experience, Daniel has participated in the making of several AAA games for PC, mobile console and VR. He ran his own studio in the US where he developed and published mobile apps. As a VR-game developer, he can also title himself VR publisher since 2019, by the launch of the high rated VR arcade game Visby Archer. For more references see, and of course the beautiful graphics on this website! Daniel is one of the founders of Disir.

Helena Hulth, co-founder. She has an MA in archaeology from Uppsala University and an FEI Company Business Certificate. Helena is specialized in Scandinavian Iron Age. With nearly 30 yrs of experience as a CO in fieldwork & contract archaeology in Sweden and Norway, she is also the author of >60 archaeological reports and articles. As one of the Disir-founders, Helena has participated in the management of several start-ups, among them a minor publishing house, focused on archaeology and art.

Associate professor John Ljungkvist and the CEO of Disir, is a Researcher and Project Director in archaeology at Uppsala University and one of the four Disir-founders. Currently, John is also a CO at a 10-year university research project: The Viking Phenomena; he is also CO in the Viking Dynasties research project. John is specialized in Viking and Early Medieval societies, centres and global trade. He has published >50 peer-reviewed articles & edited/published several books. Among his experience is a CO-role in a fieldwork and research project in the Nile delta, Egypt.

PhD Daniel Löwenborg, Senior Lecturer & Researcher in archaeology and GIS at Uppsala University. Daniel is specialized in landscape archaeology, GIS, 3D scanning and digital technology. Between 2020 to 2024, he is PI at the research project Urdar at Uppsala University and the National Heritage Board, concerning GIS data from excavations. Daniel has extensive experience in drone photography and holds a pilot license for ultralight aircraft (UL B). Daniel is also a founder of Disir and the chairman of the board.

Fredrik Westergren is a game designer, scripter, musician and audio designer, specialized in sound development, music, atmospherics and game mechanics. His creative mindset infuses a unique quality and feel to mobile, video and desktop productions. Fredrik was integral in the development of the VR arcade game Visby Archer. From 2011 to 2015 Fredrik worked at Blue Kite Studios in the US, where he developed both games- and sound design on several titles, including the adventure game Reef Run, featured on App Store in 2013. Fredrik has a rare ability to employ different styles, with a special fondness for historically based settings.

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