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About us

Founded in 2015 and led by a team of passionate and talented artists and professionals, Disir Productions is a group of archaeologists, researchers and game developers. We produce innovative and dynamic digital representations of historical environments based on front line research.

Among our sharpest tools is our high-quality 3D-graphics. Thanks to a smart and versatile production process, the 3D-visualisations can be presented in AR, VR or as videos, providing different stakeholders scalable products adjusted to their needs. In our newest VR concept, we’re also embracing the possibility of entertaining by VR games in historical settings, addressing the growing world of virtual reality and the wonderful community of history-oriented, curious gamers.  

Our aim is to make history as easily accessible as the present. Since 2016 we’ve been helping organizations, cities and regions to tell their history using 3D graphics and gaming technology. Based on archaeology and historical research, we develop real time rendered AR-apps and immersive VR experiences, inviting people to time travel into authentic full-scale digital worlds.

We believe that intermediation is about interpreting current scientific data and create an understanding, not to tell absolute truths. Imagination is crucial because we seldom have all the answers. On the long run, we want to inspire people and evoke thoughts about the future, knowing that all humans, through thousands of years of wanderings, discoveries, conquests and alliances, are connected.


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